You have been in love for a really long time and now you wish to take the next step! There comes a time when you feel like settling down and sharing your life with the person you love the most! Looks like you have decided to make her your companion for life and we are here to help you!

You are probably running out of ideas and we just want to play cupid here! Proposing is an art. Your girl will remember it for the rest of her life. You must propose her in such a way that someday, she would have nice tales to narrate to your kids! She may say that she does not want the stars or diamonds. However, she does need the best proposal and the most beautiful ring on her finger!

It is a competitive world and the men are busy earning bread and butter. You may be running out of the romantic and memorable ways to propose to your lady love. We can help you!

It is vital to have a proposal idea but the ring is more important. She will wear it for the rest of her life. It has to be priceless! Women are specific about the cut, colour, and clarity! Since men have little idea about these three factors, you must go through Velvet Case to find the best designs. All women are different! You may find something of her choice on Velvet Case! You need to shop for the ring before you can plan the proposal.

Let us cut to the chase! You need the best proposal idea and you have landed at the right page.

We have listed the 10 Romantic and Memorable Ways to Propose to her. Yes! You will find the most unique and romantic ways to propose her on this list! Don’t you believe us? Read on to find out as to what we have in store for you!

10 Romantic and Memorable Ways to Propose to her –

1. The Flash Mob Proposal

Quit the same old ideas and hire professional dancers to do a flash mob. You may be in a mall or a restaurant; you can hire qualified dancers to do a raw flash mob on a romantic song. When everyone starts dancing and you pop the question to her, she would be pleasantly surprised. Women love attention! The flash mob will be dancing with her! It will be HER moment! Ask someone to capture her expression. She cannot say NO to this proposal! She will feel like a queen! Of course, she is the queen of your heart!


2. Propose Her On a Radio Channel

Well, you would be surprised to know that a lot of people do this! Many radio stations would be happy to help you out! Which channel does she listen to? You can contact the radio station team and ask them for a favour! The radio jockey can call her and put you on the line. Will she love it? Absolutely! You are announcing your love for her to the entire world!

3. A Private Dinner in the Woods

If you have the budget to arrange a private dinner in the woods, it would be a fantastic idea! There are many experience curators, who can find the location and do the setting for you! If you do not find professionals to do it, you can arrange this in a forest resort. A private dinner in the woods will be utterly romantic! It would be just you and her. The only sound you would be able to hear is the sound of nature.


 4. Say hello to the Fortune Cookie

Some women like to keep it simple! They do not want anything fancy because your presence in their life is more important! You can take her for an Asian dinner and let her order anything that her heart wishes! You can hide the ring in the fortune cookie. Make sure you tell the staff to give her the RIGHT fortune cookie! She will break it open and her heart would definitely melt! How does that sound?

5. The Classic Airport Proposal

You have probably seen it in movies! The airport proposal is the most famous way to propose a woman. You run after her and go down on your knees! You pop the question and she is so surprised that she would never forget this moment ever!


If she is leaving the city for few weeks or forever, this is your chance to stop her and make her yours! Make sure you buy the most exquisite ring! Do check out the jewellery collection in Velvet Case.

6. A Rose Petal Trail For Her

It could be in your home or a garden. Create a rose petal trail just for her! This does not require a lot of investment. Just buy some rose petals and make a trail for her. You could write the message, ‘Marry me’ with flower petals. Your woman would be so happy to see this surprise!A Rose Petal Trail For Her

7. Take her out for a Picnic

Ah! This is cute proposal idea. If you have a busy lady in your life then she would be very happy with this proposal. You can cook some snacks and carry a wine bottle. Take her for a picnic near a lake or a quiet garden. Tell her that you want to grow old with her and produce lots of babies together! Women like it when her man talks about the future. A quiet picnic on a Sunday afternoon will be the perfect proposal idea!

8. Coffee Date Proposal

Sweep her off her feet by writing, ‘Will you marry me?’ on a coffee mug. Well, some men want to keep it simple and do not want to shell out a lot of cash on private dates and so, the coffee date proposal is practical and romantic.

A lot can happen over coffee! However, do take her to a nice place for coffee. In fact, we have a better idea! When she wakes up in the morning, you can give her some coffee and she would read the message. Tell her that you want to wake up next to her for the rest of your life! That would be the sweetest proposal! Women can never say no to such a sweet proposal! Of course, she loves you and she is waiting for you to ask her!

9. Barefoot Dining

Many hotels and resorts can help you with this! The staff can place a table for two people. You can blindfold her and take her for a barefoot dining experience! Trust us when we say this, it is the most beautiful setting! You will be barefoot and you can chat for long. Order for some champagne and raise a toast! Pop the question and she would never say NO to such a romantic soul!

10. Take her away…..

If Paris fits your budget, you can take her there and propose near Eiffel tower. Well, most of the female species want this proposal. However, you can take her far away to any destination and pop the question. How does it sound? It could be amidst the jungle or on top of the mountain! Make sure you have the most amazing ring. As we told you, Velvet Case is the answer! You would find some of the most beautiful rings on the site.

Was this post helpful for you? We understand that it is a big step and you have to nail it! We are sure that your woman is going to love each and everything from this list! You know her likes and dislikes. If you feel that she would love something from this list, you can go ahead and try it. The above-mentioned ways are super romantic and they will melt any girl’s heart.

You must rush because you need to plan the best proposal! Make sure you buy the most stunning engagement rings because she should cherish it for the rest of her life! Also, she would flaunt it in front of her girlfriends! Visit Velvet Case and check out the beautiful collection it has! If you are too busy to go to the store and the prices seem too high, you can rely on Velvet Case. You will find rings in the latest as well as traditional styles at the best price. You could buy a gold or diamond ring for her! The choice is yours.

Do not wait and sweep her off her feet! She has dreamt of this day and you must do justice to it! Propose her in the dreamiest way and make her yours forever! All the best!

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