Solitaire rings are found in different styles and types. If you are a fan of the Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings and are looking for one for your own engagement then here are a few style options for you.

Simple and Plain Solitaire Diamond

This ring just has a single diamond- the solitaire. The rest of the ring is a gold band that holds the solitaire in place. The encasing of the solitaire is done beautifully so as to look elegant and grand. There is no further designing and no extra style. It is a simple and attractive solitaire ring style.

Simple & Plain Solitaire Diamond RIngs

Solitaire with tiny Diamonds on Band

In this style, the main solitaire is in the centre of the ring and the band is studded with smaller diamonds. This style also looks extremely pretty and is fashionable and in vogue. The diamonds on the band can be of different sizes as per the size of the ring and the budget.

Solitaire with tiny Diamonds on Band

Multiband Solitaire

In this kind of ring, there are multiple (two or three) bands of the gold and diamond lines which then encase the main solitaire in between. This is generally a thick ring with lots of diamonds and looks very regal and grand. This engagement is a very popular style among young brides-to-be who love to wear this chunky style ring.

Multiband Solitaire Rings Velvet Case

 Encased Solitaire

In this style, the main solitaire diamond is encased in a whole circle of other smaller diamonds around the solitaire. The encasing makes the solitaire pop out and looks lovelier. This is also a very popular design and the encasing can actually be done by other different coloured stones as well in place of diamonds. These stones may be emeralds, small rubies and so on.

 Encased Solitaire Rings

Find these all Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings at Velvet Case

So, these were the four major types of solitaire diamond engagement rings and you can pick any of these as per your choice and requirement. All styles look elegant if the jewellery is made with fine craftsmanship and is of superior quality. At VelvetCase you will find that all of these are available and each style is different and gorgeous. Also, each piece features superior craftsmanship and high quality. Find one that fits your budget and looks the most appealing to you. Having different styles will allow you to mix and match your jewellery according to your mood and the occasion. Get all the lovely solitaire diamond Jewellery at Velvet Case and stock up now.

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