Akshaya Tritiya Offers on VelvetCase.comIt’s that time of the year where you are geared up to start off that new venture, move into a new place or buying a token of wealth as traditions go. Instead of just buying a piece of gold this year that holds a place in the locker or your bank we suggest investing in impeccable alternatives that can add a touch of gold to your everyday. Whatever your budget, we have hand-picked just the right products that would be perfect for any occasion.





Why should women have all the fun ?

We know that men are always second to flaunt their jewellery, however, we have an exhaustive list of alternatives for men this season that will surely change your mind during this festival of gold. Be it the number of grams of gold or silver you invest in or an equivalent monetary option, there are options for all.

Jewellery for Men

1-5 GMS or upto approx. 15K

If you’re someone looking to add another gold coin to your collection we suggest investing in something that can be an effortless go to accessory. Here are some of our alternatives that are light on the pocket and add a whole lot of élan to your look.

And what more, you get a flat Rs.1500 OFF on orders of Rs.9000 or above

And a flat Rs.1000 OFF on orders of Rs.5000 or above.

Thinking Gold

Thanking Gold?

Bored of wearing chunky gold jewellery designs? Play it up with bold gemstones that are combined with gold. Be it dainty or elaborate, textured or filigree work, the yellow metal is definitely back with a bang. And why not, its Akshaya Tritiya!

5-10 GMS or upto approx. 35k

Be it gold or diamonds, there are a whole lot of options in this range if you are looking to buy something unique, valuable and complete with brilliant modern designs that will set you apart. If a pendant set or earring has been your style statemnt than try gold with a twist this season. How about indulging in pocket friendly gold ear crawlers or two-finger rings ?

5-10 GMS or upto approx 35k

There are a whole lot of options in this range if you are looking to buy something unique, valuable and complete with brilliant modern designs.

10 – 25 GMS or upto approx. 75K

For the serious gold enthusiasts and lovers of minimal designs there are some stunning products in this price range that would absolutely get you all the compliments. In my opinion not only women, but men can also try their hands on an array of wearable pendant, rings or bands.

10-25 GMS or upto approx 75k

25 – 50 GMS or approx. 75000 and above

The crème de la crème of the collection is where sophistication and mastery of design is at its best coupled with beautiful gemstones that scream luxury. The top of the line products is specially crafted keeping the patron’s rich taste in mind delivering quality and pure class with each element that goes into its creation. Temple jewellery, kundan and gold jewellery or a simple composite set diamond jewel or for that matter a solitaire set in gold will make your day.

25-50 GMS or approx 75K & Above

25-50 GMS or approx. 75000 and above

So, all the very best with your new beginnings and indulge in Something Precious Yet Wearable. This season.

Wishing everyone all the success and prosperity this Akshaya Tritiya XOXO

About The Author – Prernaa Makhariaa, Founder, StylePrer.
Prernaa Makhariaa
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