Buying wedding jewellery is one of the essential parts of shopping for Indian weddings. Perfect jewellery is significant to make the wedding attire complete. The kind of jewellery a person buys depends on the season the wedding is being held in. Winter is the wedding season in India, and it is the best time to wear heavy jewellery. Dark colours such as greens and reds are most commonly used in making these jewellery pieces. Since the winter wedding dresses are made of heavy clothing material, it is essential to wear the jewellery pieces accordingly. These are some of the best jewellery items that you can team up with your wedding attire.

1. Polki & Polki sets

Polki is one of the most ancient jewellery designs that has come back in fashion. They are a fantastic alternative for diamond since they have the same luster and go well with all metals like silver and gold. Polki can be made into a set including necklace, earrings, rings, anklets, maang tikka and much more. Polki sets look great with all outfits no matter the colour or design. Numerous designs of Polki are available in big and small sizes for brides. They can make the simplest of wedding dresses look elegant and attractive.

2. Necklace Sets

A necklace is one of the most crucial parts of any jewellery set for a bride. There are multiple designs of necklaces available in different materials. Brides can choose between pure gold, silver, diamond, kundan, platinum and much more. Precious stones in various colours such as rubies, sapphires, turquoise, pearls, etc. can be embedded in the necklace to match the outfit of the bride.

3. Mangalsutras

Mangalsutra is the most auspicious piece of jewellery a Hindu bride can wear. So selecting this jewellery is also another critical task. Since the Mangalsutra has to be often worn by the bride, buying a piece that suits your taste is essential. You could either buy a heavy Mangalsutra or a light yet elegant looking piece. Mangalsutras with a big round gold pendant or a beautiful diamond pendant are in fashion and are available in all stores.

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4. Ring Sets

Wedding rings for men and women come in different designs and shapes. You can go for the classic diamond ring or the gold ring. Additionally, you could also try out the rings that have other precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. The base of the ring is made of gold or platinum depending on what suits your outfit and budget.

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5. Ornaments

Other ornaments such as anklets, bangles, maang tikka, armlets and much more also make a part of the wedding attire. The best part of a winter wedding is that you can wear lots of jewellery to team it up with your outfit. These are made of gold or silver. The diamond-studded bangles and bracelets are also what you can buy for your winter wedding.

The best part of a winter wedding is that you can wear lots of jewellery to team it up with your outfit

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