Without a doubt, Diwali is one of the most awaited festival and holiday season in India. Celebrated over a period of five days, Diwali signifies the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over unawareness, good over evil and optimism over despair. Since Diwali is celebrated amongst friends and family, we understand how important it is for you to give the perfect gift to your loved ones. To make your gifting spree easier, we have curated a list of jewellery pieces that are sure to be cherished, no matter whom you gift it to.

Pair of Earrings

A pair of earrings is something you can gift to any woman in your life. Be it your wife, sister, mother, girlfriend or daughter, there is nothing quite like giving her a pair of beautiful earrings! She is sure to flaunt them on every occasion possible!

Pair of Earrings Budget Diwali Gift Idea Budget dazzling yellow diamond gift on diwali

Diamond Rings

You know what can make your wife or girlfriend more happy than a diamond ring? NOTHING! So why wait for your anniversary or birthday to gift something special? This Diwali give her a surprise gift by slipping a stone on her finger!

leaf-diamond-ring-1455795604-y-w stylized-amethyst-floral-ring-1446911834-r-w


Dainty Necklace

Is there any better way to confess your love for a woman than gifting her a dainty necklace? Well, see for yourself how her face lights up when she opens the jewellery box on Diwali.

diamond-floral-necklace-1446546171-y-w trio-floral-necklace-1452076566-3


Something for Man

No! We are not leaving the beautiful men in our lives behind. VelvetCase has something for every man in your life. Be it your father, husband, boyfriend or son, you can find everything from men’s rings to cufflinks to gift them!

925-kt-silver-cuffling-57-gms-1470033774-w-w 950-platinum-mens-in-575-gms-1460714464-w-w

You want to give her something that she can wear daily? Look no further! We have some gorgeous pendants that can be adorned with both casual and ethnic outfits.

open-prism-pendant-r-w Silver And Swarovski Zirconia Pendant Budget Diwali Gift Idea

Last, but not the least, we have selected some beautiful bracelets that can be worn both on a daily or occasion basis! Psst.. We have some stunning men’s bracelets too!

heart-interlocking-diamond-bracelet-1446899948-w-w grey-and-white-pearl-bracelet-1446900361-y-w

You can thank us later! *wink*

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