The onset of monsoons calls for some “garma garam pakoras” and a “garam chai ki pyali”. Heavy rains with a dark headed sky may make you feel gloomy, but isn’t that a reason for you to dress up bright, bubbly and to spark up your smile?

The weather in Goa came across extremely inviting and gave my friends and me all the reasons to travel there for a weekend get-away. The arrival of monsoon made it an added reason for a perfect beach holiday. Being a jewellery enthusiast, I kept wondering what kind of jewellery I could carry for a beach holiday, considering there could be hard hitting rains. Selecting holiday jewellery could be complicated at times! In all honesty I would avoid wearing fashion jewellery in the monsoons. When I browsed through the designs from Lotus Sutra on VelvetCase, it tempted me enough and gave me all the reasons to experiment my beach holiday look. And guess what, not only did I love my look but also received compliments from strangers who walked up to me appreciating my jewellery.

AirPort Fashion

Airport Fashion
Airport Fashion

Instagram’ers and Facebook fan followers of celebrities need no introduction to an airport look. Wearing a floral print dress and a denim jacket, I kept it simple by wearing a dainty evil-eye pendant studded with colored stones to ward of all the evil eyes on me 😉 😉
This season I am all about delicate layering. However this doesn’t give you a reason to avoid wearing your bold and chunky jewellery. Play it smart by wearing one bold piece i.e. a earring, cuff or necklace that compliments your outfit.

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Monsoon Tip: Avoid jewellery made from wood, fabric or materials that absorb water or mist as they may damage your jewellery.

Animal Motifs

Animal Motifs
Animal Motifs

Animal motifs have featured in jewellery for centuries. Personally, I am a lover of animal motif and print, be it jewellery or fabric. Being a beach lover I enjoyed a plethora of marine motifs like seahorse, star fish in a necklace along with an evil eye fish bracelet.
While stepping out in the evening my rosey snake ring studded with gemstones completed my holiday look over a little black dress (LBD).

Monsoon Tip: The trick to keep jewellery safe and avoid it from getting damaged is to wipe / pat it dry with a soft cloth before you put it back in your jewellery box. Some jewellery could also be wrapped in a muslin cloth so that the moisture is absorbed by the cloth itself and doesn’t affect the jewelry.

According to GemSelect, “Producing animal inspired jewellery showcases design techniques and creative talent. Moreover, the animal kingdom is so vast that there is an almost limitless choice of creatures that offer stimulation for the imagination. Animal jewellery can be appreciated by everyone, no matter what jewellery style is required”.

Layered Jewellery

Layered Jewellery
Layered Jewellery

Wearing a white Lucknowi kurta and a floral skirt I could have opted to wear vivid gemstones like Turquoise or Coral which I typically enjoy! Experimenting with the dainty jewellery I layered it by wearing the rosé animal motif necklace, collar high and suspended colored enameled strings at two different levels. In my opinion “The best thing about layering is that it gives you the ability to create a new look every time by playing with different lengths, shapes and metals”.

Monsoon Tip: Silver jewellery should be kept in an airtight zip locked bag or an air tight box to avoid the damp air from affecting the metal.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions on styling your jewellery and I will help you figure it out.

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