India is a land of festivals! It is a place where the commoners’ lives are planned around the holidays of the different festivities. The coming home, the sweets, the lights, the colours, the gifting, the fables and the stories are all part of growing up in India. And come August, the celebrations just start with the most adored and the youngest Lord in the Hindu Mythology – Ganesha.

Ganesh Chaturthi or also known as Vinayak Chathurthi, is one the most traditional festivals celebrated by the Hindu Community. It is the National and one of the main festivals of Maharashtra, and it is celebrated with equal fervour and colour all around the country which is celebrated on the fourth day (Chaturthi).

Lord Ganesha, the Lord of new beginnings and remover of obstacles is also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka and Pillaiyar. He is the Lord of good fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success. Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10 day long festivity brings with itself lot of hope, positivity.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

As Indian festivals, no celebrations are ever complete without buying gifts or goodies for your loved ones – Spoiling one for choice and providing one of the best in designs, VelvetCase brings to you a wide and exclusive range of some beautiful Ganesha idols. The idols have a simple yet a unique appeal to itself. Just like Lord Ganesha, these idols have a distinctive style of its own and are as pure as the festival itself.

Ganesh Idols & Gift Sets

There exist a large number of myths, legends and stories relating to Ganesha and his appearances. While some hold true, some are folklore’s being passed from one generation to other by grandmothers and aunts. Just like our stories where Ganesha has more than one avatar, here too at VelvetCase, one would find various forms of the idols – each having a different yet very enthralling look of it. Some of these idols have been given a simple look, and maintaining the authentic appearance to the Lord in its sitting posture, and defining the four hands – holding Lotus in one; symbolising enlightenment, carrying the good and bad deeds in another, the third holds the laddu – symbolising wisdom and in the fourth for blessing the mankind.

Ganesh Idols & Gift Sets

There are different array of choices for idols that are available along with some unique looking gift packed Ganesha idols, exclusively for gifting purposes. These gifts are beautifully wrapped in a fine-looking compact box, making it “gift ready” for anyone and everyone. These gift sets are three pieces each; paired with one Ganesha idol. It carries one diya, and/or one piece of the prayer bell. Each of these pieces has a subtle appeal to themselves, and very are carefully chosen to complement the occasion perfectly. The small gift set wraps in itself a complete Ganesha festival feel and makes an ideal gift for family and friends.

Ganesh Idols & Gift Sets

As the festivities are drawn nearer the celebrations are only prepping up faster, selecting the perfect idol for the puja or gifting is the most talked about in the households far and near. And it is in such rush times that choosing gifts is not only a challenge but also an uphill task. It’s here that Velvetcase brings to your choices, with some of its exclusive collections of individual idols or gift sets – making it easier for gifting your loved ones and spoiling them for more and more choices and being the perfect gift for this festival season.

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