With Ganesh Chaturthi just round the corner, we bring you some facts and anecdotes about everyone’s beloved Lord Ganpati.

1. Apart from being associated with good beginnings, Lord Ganesha is also the patron of arts and sciences. Due to this, dancers and musicians, particularly in southern India, begin art performances with a prayer to Ganesha.

Dancing ganesha


2. According to mythology, on Vinayak Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha ate a large offering of his favourite   modaks, and sat on his vahana, the mouse because he was unable to walk. While travelling, his mouse saw a snake, got terrified and stopped midway, thus making Lord Ganesha fall and hurt his belly. Looking  at this, the moon laughed. Lord Ganesha got furious on the moon, broke his tooth, and threw it at him.  He also cursed the moon that he would become a dark globe within 15 days, daily losing one crescent, and whosoever saw him on Chathurthi would also be laughed at. This story also gave him the name Ekdant, which means the one who has a single tooth.


Moon and ganesha story


3. The large ears of Ganesha highlight the importance of listening to others. Those who have the capacity to listen patiently to others and accept good ideas are the ones who also acquire knowledge.


Big Ears of Lord Ganesha


4. Idols of a seated Lord Ganesha with the trunk curved to the left represent happiness and success. Lord Ganesha which has his trunk tilted to the right is called Siddhi Vinayak and requires very stringent rules worship.


Right trunk ganesha siddhivinayaka


5. Ganesha and his younger brother Karthikeya once received a special fruit from the gods. Being kids, they  were not ready to share the fruit. Thus, their parents, Lord Shiva and Parvati said that the first one to go  around the world thrice would get this fruit of immortality and supreme knowledge. Karthikeya climbed on his  peacock at once and set off; while Lord Ganesha was worried about winning the race as his vahana the Mouse  did not have wings. Later, he took a decision based on his wisdom and asked the permission of his parents to  revolve around them thrice as he felt that his parents were his entire world. Lord Ganesha is said to have won  both the race and the fruit.


Kartikeya and Ganesha race around the world


If you know any stories or anecdotes about Lord Ganesha, do share them in the comments below!

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