Jewelry has been considered as an essential component of culture and civilization for ages. A simple piece of jewellery added to any outfit can automatically enhance its beauty. Just like any clothes and shoes, trends in jewellery also change from time to time. There are numerous options available for a person to choose from when it comes to buying jewellery. However, jewellery is even considered as an investment in many cultures. Not only does it add to a person’s overall look but also acts as an asset for future uses.

Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry

Jewellery is divided into two categories – fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. Fine jewellery is the timeless jewellery pieces created using precious stones and metals such as diamonds, gold, silver and much more. Fashion jewelry is just the jewelry pieces that are designed to suit the current fashion trends and are made in cheaper metals such as iron and its alloys.

Pros of Buying Fashion Jewellery

Fashion Jewelry is a must in every woman’s jewellery collection. Here is why you should buy fashion jewellery:

  1. Fashion jewellery is designed to go with the current fashion trend. Wearing these jewellery pieces helps a person stay updated with the current trends.
  2. It makes any outfit stand out. These jewellery pieces can make your dull outfit look much better.
  3. Fashion jewellery comes cheap. You can change it as the trend fades away. Since it comes cheap, buying new jewellery every time the older one goes out of trend is easy.

Pros of Buying Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry is a little more investment, but every woman or man should have a piece or two of fine jewellery in their collection. Here is why:

  1. Fine Jewelry is made up of precious stones and metals that have a much longer durability. A person can wear it for a long time. If you are looking to buy something that you want to wear for a long time or on a daily basis, fine jewellery should be your choice.
  2. Fine jewellery is an asset. It can be sold back to the jeweller when you no longer need it. Use it as an investment, just like cash or property.
  3. It can be exchanged or made into a different jewellery piece as per your requirement. If you no longer want to wear a particular jewellery piece, you can also go to a jeweller and get its design changed into something more trendy and chic.
  4. Antique jewellery never goes out of style, and just like fashion jewellery, they can make you look much more beautiful and enhance your outfit.

So, Is Jewelry Fashion Or An Investment?

Jewelry should be considered a mix of both fashion and investment since it ultimately enhances your look and can also be used as an investment. Buying fine jewellery is the best option anyone can go for if they are capable of spending some extra money. Consider it as an asset that you can wear on a daily basis!

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