Hey People, hope you had a fantastic weekend and are coping well with the scorching heat. As we speak about heat, Pearls are said to be associated with the Moon, the deity who rules over the water element. Pearls make a fantastic choice to sport this spring summer and is said to be trending this entire year. So I thought of listing a few Pearl trends that help you stay cool this spring summer.

Pearl trends that help you stay cool this spring summer

My picks are from the designers who are also listed on VelvetCase. FYI… this is my first shoot sporting Pearl Jewellery from VelvetCase and I am quite kicked about it. Yayyyy!!!

Feel Like A Maharani!

Feel Like A Maharani!

Style Tip – Multiple pearl strands needn’t always be worn in a mono tone/color. Try dual tones. However do ensure that you go bare minimal with other jewelry if wearing a multi layered pearl necklace, best being avoid any other jewelry!

When one, two, three isn’t enough just go all out! Every time I wear multiple layers of pearl strands they take me back into history where our very own Maharajas and Maharanis expressed their wealth and elegance by layering it pearls and jewels. So what you waiting for, just dig into your grandmothers tijori for a “Nau-lakha”- 9 layers or “Satlada” – 7 layer haar. Can’t find one, needn’t worry! Just bring all your pearls strands together to layer them up.

Colored Pearls, The In Thing!

Colored Pearls, The In Thing!

Style Tip – Opt for elements with textures or colored beads that compliment the look. To look elegant, Think Wise, Think Clean Motifs! If diamonds is your thing, keep them simple and classic with letting the Pearl take all the desired attention.

Wearing plain jane mala’s may get boring after a while. Experiment them with a dash of precious, semi-precious gemstones or intricate elements that will enhance their look.

Design Trends

Design Trends

Style Tip – Think beyond jewelry! Pearls sweaters, handbags, dresses and shoes have been a hot favourite with international designers and run-way models.

Ever since Christian Dior stormed the market with a front and back earring, women have gone gaga over this style. And it doesn’t stop here… pearl ear crawlers, two finger rings continue to make a wave. Pearl studded chokers are big this season!

Did You Know – Pearls are about 2% water, and should not be stored in a very warm place, or they have a tendency to dry out and develop hairline cracks.

Pearl Necklaces

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead and make sure to stay hydrated.

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