Wedding season is here and all the brides-to-be are busy shopping for the perfect lehenga and jewellery. Gone are those days when women wore the traditional Mangalsutras. One will still find women opting for the classic black and gold design but the women in today’s world have embraced the contemporary designs with open arms. The classic Mangalsutras will never lose their charm but women are eyeing on the contemporary designs.

Since there are many new designs in the market and women prefer contemporary designs, it gets difficult to choose the best one. Velvet Case is here to save the day! You will find the most appealing mangalsutra designs and cuts at Velvet Case which would surely impress your bride. We have listed the Top 10 Best Designs for Mangalsutras for this wedding season by Velvet Case.

Take a quick look and get inspired!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Designs for Mangalsutras for this wedding season

1. 18 KT Rose Gold Mangalsutra

18 KT Rose Gold Mangalsutra
18 KT Rose Gold Mangalsutras in 3.84 gms

The rose gold mangalsutra has gained popularity over the years. It can be paired up with different outfits and looks classy as well. The eye-catching rose gold mangalsutra gives a bold look with its round shape. The mangalsutra is made rose gold and it weighs 3.84 grams. Bid adieu to the same old gold and black mangalsutra and embrace the rose gold mangalsutra! The 18 KT rose gold mangalsutra is ideal for the modern bride.

2. Gemstone Mangalsutra

Gemstone Mangalsutra for wedding
18 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra in 3.35 gms

Women in today’s world are confident and bold. The round shaped yellow gold gemstone mangalsutra has an edgy look and it looks perfect for Indian brides. The jewellery is made of 18 carat yellow gold and it looks trendy with the range of colours on it. The gem used in the product is ruby and it weighs 1.5 grams. The oval-shaped ruby looks classy on the yellow gold detailing.

3. Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra bracelet for wedding
22 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutras in 7 gms

How about giving her a unique mangalsutra which she would cherish for the rest of her life? The mangalsutra bracelet is stylish and different from all the designs that one sees in the showroom. Also, your darling wife does not have to wear it around her neck. It is a bracelet which you can tie around her delicate wrist. The gemstone used in the product is cubic zirconia. The purity of the yellow gold is 22kt. Is your love as pure as gold? Gift this beautiful and offbeat mangalsutra bracelet to her.

4. Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond mangalsutra for wedding
Crescent Moon Diamond And Gold Mangalsutra (Without Chain)

Say hello to the most beautiful design! The diamond mangalsutra is unique and it looks stunning around the neck! The lower line is studded with precious diamonds in star shape. It has a solid and clean design which makes it a perfect choice for women, who wish to wear the mangalsutra every single day. The yellow gold used in the mangalsutra is of 14 kt and 44 pieces of diamonds are used to make the beautiful piece.

5. Simple and Dainty Mangalsutra

Simple and dainty mangalsutra for wedding
Single Bead Pendant Mangalsutra (With Chain)

The simple and dainty mangalsutra is ideal for women, who like to keep it simple. They do not fancy a heavy and lavish mangalsutra. Opt for the simple and dainty one because it has a filigree work and you can wear it on a daily basis. It has a two-toned gold chain which makes your darling look dazzling. Synthetic beads have been used to create the beautiful mangalsutra.

6. Intricate Flower Mangalsutra

Intricate Flower mangalsutra for wedding
Dome Meena Flower Mangalsutra (With Chain)

Your love for her is deep and true. Your relationship with her is like a blooming flower. How about buying an intricate flower mangalsutra for her? It has a traditional design and also has a flower shaped pendant which makes this mangalsutra look feminine. The dual black beaded chain and the black drop looks elegant. Do not forget to notice black and red meena work on the flower pendant. It is absolutely stunning!

7. Floral design Mangalsutra

Floral design mangalsutra
ISIDORA Mangalsutra (Without Chain)

Win your love’s heart by tying a beautiful floral design mangalsutra around her neck! The contemporary design of this mangalsutra will sweep your love off her feet. 18 KT yellow has been used to create the beauty. The chain is not included in the package. You would need to buy it separately.

The diamond flowers are being embraced by the yellow gold detailing. It is perfect for your dainty bride! She would absolutely love the design and elegance of the floral design mangalsutra

8. Classic and Simple Traditional Mangalsutra

Classic and simple traditional mangalsutra
22 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutras in 11.44 gms

In today’s world, less is more. Keep it simple yet classy with the classic traditional mangalsutra. Since it is simple yet classy, the bride can wear it to her workplace or even while travelling. Keep it simple with the yellow gold mangalsutra which weighs 11.4 grams. Round synthetic beads have been used to add grace!

9. Modern Design Mangalsutra

Modern design mangalsutra

Women love you and they love diamonds as well! Give her a modern design mangalsutra made of precious diamonds. HI/SI diamonds and 18 KT yellow gold has been used to create the beautiful piece. The mangalsutra has an intricate design! The bride can pair it up with all her modern dresses and she could become a trend setter in this one!

10. Thick chain Mangalsutra

Thick chain mangalsutra
22 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutras in 6.45 gms

A simple chain made of yellow gold and black beads would be the perfect choice for brides, who wish to embrace the traditional mangalsutra look. The beautiful piece is made of 22 KT yellow gold and synthetic beads have been used to give it the traditional look. It is simple but it looks delicate around the neck. If the bride does not like flashy ornaments, you must buy this for her.

We hope that the above-mentioned list inspired you and helped you to choose the best bridal mangalsutra design. Always buy from a reliable store such as Velvet Case which is certified for authenticity by third party laboratory. Whether it is your 30th anniversary or you are getting married in few days, buy the most beautiful mangalsutras for your bride from the Velvet Case. She deserves the most dazzling mangalsutra!

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