Mangalsutra a basic strand of few threads embodied with gold and black beads; is the most beautiful and inevitable piece of jewellery, which every married Indian woman would adorn.

It symbolizes the marital status of a woman. It is said that this thread is the binding source of two souls into one entity. This beautiful thread is tied around the bride’s neck on her wedding day and from that day till forever, the woman wears it.

There are a number of scientific reasons associated with this thread, like that of circulation of blood in the body and also regularization of the blood pressure. It is advisable to be kept in constant touch with the skin to gain the benefits of this wonder thread to the maximum.

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Following is a list of the best Mangalsutra Designs you can get:

1. Spiral Weaves Mangalsutra by Navya by Swastik

Spiral Weaves Mangalsutra
Spiral Weaves Mangalsutra (With Chain)

This is your everyday wear! This 22kt yellow gold spiral woven design makes it look authentic yet stylish; elegant to be carried by everyone, for every occasion. Extremely chic in approach and weighing just 4.96 gms, this is a must have for everyone looking out to wear a stylish yet authentic piece of jewellery.

2. Floral Texture Mangalsutra by Navya by Swastik

Floral Texture Mangalsutra
Floral texture Mangalsutra (With Chain)

This is a 22kt 12.92 gms mangalsutra with a simplistic approach comprising of a gold chain made out of black beads, attached to a golden flower. The textured petals make it stand out and give extreme confidence to the wearer. Floral and tradition walk hand in hand with the Indian tradition.

3. Dome Texture Mangalsutra by Navya by Swastik

Dome Texture Mangalsutra
Dome Texture Mangalsutra (With Chain)

This Mangalsutra design comes with a chain made out of dual toned beads. Made out of authentic 22kt gold, this wonderful thread completes its look with a textured dome shaped pendant and a black drop having a combined weight of 11.83 gms. It is an epitome of elegance and beauty adorned together to be worn by the rightful.

4. 22KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra in 11.27 gms by Navya by Swastik

22KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra
22 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutras in 11.27 gms

This is simplicity at its best with just a hint of addition to up the game. The round beads on the gold mangalsutra transform the entire look of this piece. This could be the perfect one to be worn to your workplace at the same time to your best friend’s kitty party.

5. Dome Meena Flower Mangalsutra by Navya by Swastik

Dome Meena Flower Mangalsutra by Navya by Swastik
Dome Meena Flower Mangalsutra (With Chain)

Ever thought about completing your look in the most chic way possible? This is your product. The dome shaped flower pendant enhanced with meena work and to add to the beauty, there is a black drop. This dual black beaded piece of beauty weighing 9.63 gmscomes very handy and is absolutely apt to be worn to your next tea party.

6. 22KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra in 9gms by Shringar

22KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra By Shringar
22 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra in 9 gms

This one is not just a classic but also an expressive style. It helps to express the wearer’s uniqueness and style quotient in the most subtle and creative manner.  Its gemstone detailing comprising of a varied structure of stones makes this 9 gms neckpiece a piece of classic beauty.

7. Classic Black Meena Mangalsutra by Navya by Swastik

Classic Black Meena Mangalsutra
Classic Black Meena Mangalsutra (With Chain)

This is, as the name suggests a classic in all terms. It comes with a chain and black beadwork.  The pendant is made of dual triangles with meena work. This dual triangle shaped pendant with black beaded chain, is not just elegant but absolutely favourite with the Mangalsutra wearers. This 22kt yellow gold piece is extremely elegant and classic weighing only 6.09 gms.

8. Nandika Mangalsutra Set by Peora

Nandika Mangalsutra Set PM92S
Nandika Mangalsutra Set PM92S

Wish to add an instant hint of luxury and glamour? Try this beautiful rhodium plated Mangalsutra set. This piece is surely going to add glamour to your everyday outfits. Rhodium protects this beauty and adds to the shine factor. This lightweight Mangalsutra is studded with good and efficient quality Swiss Cubic Zirconia to enhance the added factors. It comes with a one year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

9. CZ Gold Plated Multicolor Peacock Mangalsutra by Johareez

CZ Gold Plated Multicolor Peacock Mangalsutra by Johareez
CZ Gold Plated Multicolor Peacock Mangalsutra

This one is a gold plated multicolor peacock shaped pendant, which showcases the touch of the culture with the help of the royal bird – peacock. The cubic zirconia studded peacock symbolizes prosperity and beauty just like the married life for the two human beings taking a pledge to bind them together. This comes without a chain.

10. Ramita Mangalsutra by Dishis Designer Jewellery

Ramita Mangalsutra by Dishis Designer Jewellery
Ramita Mangalsutra

This beautiful 0.27 cts 38 pieces diamond studded beauty is a classic amalgamation of beauty and elegance. The 18 Kt gold adds up to this classic beauty.  Prized reasonably over fourteen thousand INR, this is a sure shot steal.

So, all the pretty ladies, who are bound in the wedlock, go ahead and grab your finest piece of gold mangalsutra designs online and enhance your married charm!

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